An Austin-based technology company has filed a patent for an “ultracapacitor” that would allow motorists to charge their cars for five minutes and drive for about 500 miles, the Associated Press reports. This differs from today’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle batteries, which can only travel about 50 miles after being charged. The company, EEStor, produces “technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries.” The Toronto-based ZENN Motor Company, which specializes in the manufacturing of electric cars, and has also licensed EEStor’s invention, expects the startup to ship out the battery replacement later this year. While limited information is offered as to how the technology comes together for the patent, the heart of the device seems to come from a secret material that is sandwiched between pieces of metal. This results in the “ultracapacitor,” which releases and stores energy quickly. Though still under scrutiny by most critics, it is believed that with the release of this new invention, it could change the way the public charges cell phones and laptops, according to the AP story.