SAN DIEGO – DriveCam has introduced a new Web interface that makes it easier for fleet managers and supervisors to access expertly reviewed risky driving events. Complementing DriveCam’s daily cellular download capability, the new Web interface lets managers view and access scored risky driving events captured across their fleets from any personal computer anytime, anywhere, via a password-protected site from Having instant access to the events they care about the most enables fleet managers to provide faster coaching to their drivers and experience quicker reductions in risky driving behavior likely to result in vehicle damages, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and claims costs.

New filter and query capabilities let managers identify the most critical events and determine the root cause of incidents quickly. Armed with this information, they can prioritize events and deliver appropriate driver coaching accordingly. At the same time, an improved behavior-based scoring algorithm affords fleets more accurate details on how their drivers are performing by eliminating “non-events” not associated with risky driving (e.g., false triggers resulting from rough terrain or a hard closing tailgate).

The new Web interface also features an updated event review screen with easy-to-read analysis and comments from DriveCam Driving Risk Analysts. Fleet managers can add their own comments directly to the screen while they are coaching for future review and performance measurement. A dual-screen view also allows managers and drivers to simultaneously review inside and outside event captures, eliminating the need to switch between views. Used alone or in combination with HindSight 20/20 software, managers can coach drivers plus compare and contrast the best and riskiest behaviors across their fleets.

DriveCam’s new Web interface is available now to all DriveCam managed clients. For more details or to view a demonstration of the new interface, contact a DriveCam sales representative.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet