All-electric automotive company Miles Electric Vehicles recently announced a major upgrade to its low-speed, zero emissions ZX40ST work truck. Now featuring a more powerful three-phase induction AC motor, the advanced design can travel 50 to 60 miles on a single charge while delivering vastly superior power and hill climbing capability. As a DOT-designated low-speed vehicle, the new ZX40ST can legally travel up to 25 mph on public roads and offers advanced AC motor technology. Additional enhancements include regenerative braking, technology that generates additional battery power during braking, and optional air conditioning. According to the company, a typical fleet can eliminate 12,000 pounds of carbon emissions a year by replacing just one gas-powered truck with a MILES ZX40ST. Factoring in its minimal maintenance requirements and the fact that it requires no gasoline, the ZX40ST is also about one-tenth as expensive to operate.