The New York State Police chose Chevin’s Web-based fleet management information system, FleetWave to manage the maintenance and operations of its fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles across the state. The New York State Police maintains a diverse fleet through its central and troop locations. FleetWave’s uniquely flexible capabilities allow NYSP to meet its diverse requirements replacing multiple free standing inflexible operating systems that have been unable to meet the evolving business requirements of one of the largest state police organizations in the country. With extensive experience working with and implementing flexible fleet management solutions for law enforcement agencies, Chevin and FleetWave were a natural choice for the New York State Police as they look to enhance their fleet management and oversight capabilities. As FleetWave delivers completely definable capabilities throughout, all of the NYSP’s specific requirements can be met without the need for costly and time consuming development. With its Web-based architecture, FleetWave can be easily deployed to remote troop locations around the state and can be quickly accessed by casual NYSP users with access to the Internet. Using FleetWave’s integrated functionality, state-wide messaging for all fleet related communications can be easily accommodated, tracked and automatically consolidated on a monthly basis, dramatically streamlining this labor intensive process.