The Lubrizol Corporation recently designed an additive package, Lubrizol 9585, to address the special needs of E85 fuels, used in flex-fuel vehicles (FFV). E85 requires different additives because it is fundamentally different from commonly available gasoline that contains 10 percent ethanol. Lubrizol 9585 contains components to keep clean and clean up critical FFV fuel system areas, reduce corrosion and help offset the potential for the alcohol in E85 to create a harsher environment for the crankcase lubricant. The product is formulated so it can be used even in FFVs that are not using E85. That means that FFV owners can use any fuel mixture, ranging from pure alcohol to E85 to gasoline (E10). In addition, Lubrizol 9585 is easily blended into E85, can be pumped at temperatures as low as 0° F and is very stable during storage. For more information, send an e-mail to