HORSHAM, PA – AAMCO, a chain of transmission service centers, has introduced Eco-Green Auto Service Certification, a new program designed to protect the environment, reduce vehicle emissions, and promote alternative fuels among the thousands of motorists AAMCO serves annually.

Eco-Green Auto Service Certification will be awarded to qualifying AAMCO centers across America based on a stringent set of criteria that reduces the centers’ environmental footprint, while giving AAMCO customers a new range of services that cut emissions, improve mileage, and reduce the hazardous waste associated with owning and maintaining their vehicles.

Eco-Green Auto Service Certification seeks to move AAMCO centers to a zero-waste operating model that recycles solid and liquid waste, uses recycled products wherever possible, and promotes energy efficiency.

For example, Eco-Green certified centers will recycle used oil for heating fuel, ensure waste water doesn’t enter sewer systems, install energy-efficient lighting and heating, use water-based alternatives to hazardous cleaning chemicals, and recycle used filters. They will also work to improve vehicle efficiency by promoting alternative fuels, higher-mileage oil and air filters and components, proper tire inflation, and new technologies that result in cleaner-burning vehicles.

As part of the Eco-Green auto service, participating AAMCO Centers will use waste oil heaters that burn waste transmission fluid cleanly, generating BTUs without requiring heating oil. Eco-Green certified dealers also must agree to use alternatives to in-ground lifts, which can contaminate ground water and soil.

Also, AAMCO just announced a partnership with Flex Fuel U.S. to install EPA-certified E-85 Flex-Fuel Smart-Box conversion kits at its centers nationwide. The conversions will initially be focused on fleet vehicles: the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car models, which are the most widely used vehicles for livery, municipal fleets, and police departments. AAMCO’s E-85 conversion kit lets the car use any blend of ethanol, without flipping a switch or emptying the gasoline tank.

Currently, AAMCO is working with Flex Fuel U.S. to launch E-85 conversion kits for more automotive models such as the Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, the Ford F150, and the Ford Expedition. AAMCO’s E-85 conversion kits are scheduled to be available as part of the company’s Eco-Green initiative in 2008.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet