Hughes Telematics, Inc., a provider of end-to-end vehicle telematics solutions, has been selected by Mercedes-Benz USA as the provider of integrated telematics hardware and services for all new North American Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and SUVs starting in November 2009. In addition, existing Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid customers will be given the option of switching over to MBUSA's new telematics solution, the Hughes Telematics platform. Hughes Telematics will work to ensure that Mercedes-Benz customers have a quality service portfolio of the world's most innovative safety, infotainment, convenience and diagnostic features. Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in vehicle telematics, has offered its customers the many safety and security benefits of onboard telematics since 1998. Hughes Telematics' technology create a highly customizable OEM partnership opportunity and the possibility of a vehicle gateway for offering a host of remotely upgradeable services and applications.