MT. LAUREL, N.J. – The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) chose Jim Creighton, vice president of Global Strategic Consulting for Automotive Resources International (ARI), as one of five green fleet panel experts to answer questions regarding the environmental aspect of the fleet industry.

The discussion, titled “Piecing Together the Green Fleet Puzzle, From a Fleet Manager’s Perspective,” covered various questions that often come up in the beginning stages when “greening” a fleet, including best practices, aligning green with corporate strategy, driver communication, creating a global carbon footprint, and real-world examples of successfully implementing internal green initiatives. Creighton addressed the driver communications portion, and also presented the real-world success stories, drawing on his experience through ARI’s Envirofleet Program.

“Through best-practices tools and the latest technology, your fleet management company should be able to deliver strategies for vehicle right-sizing, spec’ing/selecting vehicles by work application, telematics-based route-efficiency planning, and tracking emission reductions and savings,” said Creighton, who joined ARI in 1983. “All of which helps fleet managers put vehicles on the road that are both environmentally and fiscally responsible.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet