GreenRoad Technologies Inc., an innovative leader in driver safety technologies, recently announced the appointment of Eric Shishko as senior vice president, Insurance Business. GreenRoad helps insurance companies offer their customers programs that improve driver safety and lower accident rates—especially among high-risk teenage drivers. Shishko will be responsible for building GreenRoad’s global insurance business. He brings more than 25 years of experience in software, information management, automation systems and manufacturing to the GreenRoad team. Prior to GreenRoad, Shishko was executive vice president of worldwide business development and international sales for DriveCam, Inc. In that role he was responsible for business development and global strategy, including alliances, partnerships and acquisitions across distribution channels, technology and product and services delivery. Before working at DriveCam, Shishko was president and CEO of Newstar Solutions, where he led the acquisition, redirection and subsequent sale of the company. Prior to that he was president and COO of Maestro Commerce, where he led aggressive growth and sale of the company. He also held key roles at Bell & Howell Company and GTE Corporation. In addition, Shishko has used his broad experience in strategy, business development, management, marketing and mergers and acquisitions to found and co-found five companies within the industry areas of software/internet services, professional services, consulting and real estate development.