With parking costs for traditional gas vehicles over fifty dollars a day, in addition to congestion tolls and gas prices, FOX Business is reporting that an electric car in London may pay for itself within a year. The ZAP Xebra, one of only three electrics approved for use on UK roads, is estimated to cost less than five hundred dollars a year to use, since it’s exempt from congestion tolls and nearly exempt from fuel costs. Electrics are also only charged about a dollar fifty a day to park in the city, as opposed to the $55 daily charge for gas vehicles. A gas vehicle could cost over twenty thousand dollars a year to operate, while an electric could cost as little as $1.54. England has even reduced one of the only costs of an electric vehicle, charging, to almost nothing by making electric charging stations free to use after a small one-time registration fee is paid. ZAP sells the Xebra worldwide for about $10,000, according to FOX Business.