DocuLex, creators of electronic document management software, recently announced the release of WebSearch 4, providing easy to use, automated, networked and Web-enabled document management capabilities for access and staff collaboration workflow. Providing thorough organization and management of must keep information, WebSearch features secure instant document access from any location via the Internet, with multilevel permission assignment and active directory integration. WebSearch is an easy to use, Web-based document management program developed for use throughout a business to enable secure, instant document access from any location with convenience of use that is similar, yet easier, than an Internet search engine. Searches may be performed using document specific meta data descriptions, full text content, as well as date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches. This server-based software automates complex documentation organizational functions including browser-based file room views and group collaboration folders. WebSearch is now a workflow enabler, providing users the ability to share and amend documents in their native formats, while organizing and tracking each amended version. Documents of any file type may be uploaded directly to WebSearch, indexed (with additional document identifying meta data added remotely if necessary) for native format storage and ease of access. Microsoft SQL or SQL Express database support handles substantial file data storage, providing users with Microsoft off-the-shelf database power. The Active Directory integration enables heightened security and user permission access and tracking. For additional information call DocuLex at (863) 297-3691 ext. 236 or email