The governor of the state of Maine recently signed new emergency legislation that will help some truckers cope with high fuel prices by easing weight restrictions, WCSH 6 News reports. The new law will increase the weight limit for logging trucks and other trucks carrying forest products from 100,000 pounds to 105,000 pounds per load. State officials say that will allow drivers hurting over the price of fuel to make an additional $200 to $800 a week. According to AAA, the average price of diesel in Maine is $3.67 per gallon. That's 28 cents higher than the national average of $3.39 per gallon. A few months ago Belinda Raymond and her husband Albert, who is a truck driver, started the non-profit group, Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices in Maine. They have been organizing meetings around the state with truck drivers and state lawmakers trying to come up with ways to reduce the burden on drivers. Belinda Raymond has started a Web site to keep truck drivers informed about the group's goals, progress, and meeting information. Raymond is concerned about fuel prices indirectly forcing mills to shut down. Raymond says she also wants an on-road fuel tax rebate for truckers, but state officials say there is very little support for that because that money is needed for highways and bridges. According to WCSH 6 News, the state is currently working on temporary sales tax rebates and waivers to save drivers money on forest products and industry purchases.