NEW YORK – It’s often called the "game within the game" — the ads that do battle with each other for viewers' attention during the Super Bowl. There, the great brands go head to head: Coke and Pepsi; GM and Audi; Hershey and Planters, according to the Associated Press.

Here the automotive related winners:

BEST REFERENCE TO A CLASSIC MOVIE SCENE: Audi. In a replay of a vintage scene from "The Godfather," an older man wakes up in his luxurious bed and senses something amiss. In the movie, it's a severed horse head which turns up under the sheets — here, it's an oil-soaked grille from another car. "Old luxury just got put on notice," the tag line says, as a spanking new Audi speeds off.

BEST USE OF FURRY CREATURES: Bridgestone Firestone North America. When a car comes rushing up on a squirrel munching on an acorn in the middle of the road, a chorus of creatures — including an owl, raccoon, deer, and even a turtle — unleashes terrorized screams that alert the driver to swerve and avoid the squirrel.

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