Order banks for the all-new 2009 Forester are now open. According to Subaru, fleet management companies are in the process of their behind-the-scenes set up to offer full information soon.

The new Forester features:

· Safety, performance, and control of Subaru symmetrical AWD.

· SUV-like design with passenger car comfort.

· Comfort & utility with larger cargo area.

· Advanced braking systems.

· Ring-shaped reinforcement body shape design and multiple airbags.

 · Powerful yet economical boxer 4 engines.

 · Wide range of comfort and convenience features.

Those ordering now should anticipate a late-March delivery to afford strong depreciation savings of a 2009 model in early 2008, Subaru noted.

For more information, visit www.subaru.com/sub/misc/2009/forester/index.html.