Networkcar, a provider of wireless fleet management, recently announced that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has selected Networkfleet as its fleet management solution to wirelessly monitor GPS location, engine diagnostics and emissions for its entire fleet.

Networkfleet combines GPS location with diagnostic monitoring to allow fleet managers to improve the productivity and efficiency of their fleet operations.

ADEM administers all major federal environmental laws, including the Clean Air, Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water acts and federal solid and hazardous waste laws. Networkfleet is being installed to monitor ADEM’s fleet of sedans and light-duty trucks that are used in conducting field inspections. ADEM worked with AllComm Wireless, Inc., a Networkcar reseller in Montgomery, Ala., in the selection and installation process.

Networkfleet is widely used by commercial and government fleets, including city, county, state and federal agencies. Since Networkfleet connects directly to a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) port, it dynamically measures and reports on the status of a vehicle’s emission control system and monitors excess idle time to reduce emissions. It can also determine precise information such as actual vehicle speed and miles-per-gallon.


Fleet managers login to a secure Web site to view vehicle performance data and can receive reports emailed directly to their in-box daily, weekly or monthly.