TEMPE, AZ- www.GotMyGPS.Com, is an authorized distributor for the new Millennium Plus (M-Plus) GPS Tracking and Security System. The Web site provides state of the art tracking, security and fleet management unparalleled in the industry.

The system allows users to track any vehicle with live satellite views from the web anywhere in the world. M-Plus GPS will handle from 1 to 1000 vehicles at a time. No police report is required to find your vehicle at any given moment, and take a snapshot aerial view of your vehicle’s location. In addition, it can record and notify you via web, phone or email, the speed and direction your vehicle is traveling.

M-Plus also allows you to lock/unlock the vehicle, and disable/enable the starter. M-Plus will keep an online log for 90 days of all vehicles, top speeds, miles, etc. M-Plus allows you to set speed and boundary parameters, and if they are broken, you are notified immediately via email, cell, LAN line or pager. Whether you are using it to keep track of your employees and their whereabouts or ensure the security of your vehicle, M-Plus GPS can provide you with the peace of mind you need and is affordable for everyone.

For demonstrations, photographs or more information about the Millennium Plus GPS Tracking and Security System, visit our website at www.GotMyGPS.Com

Features that the M-Plus GPS include:

  • Location - provides a photo and map of the vehicles location.
  • Speed Threshold - informs users when vehicle has exceeded defined limits
  • Violation


  • Geo-fence - Alerts users when vehicle have crossed pre-defined boundaries.
  • Alarm Reporting - notifies users when car alarm is activated.
  • Remote Lock -  locks/unlocks doors remotely from anywhere.
  • Remote Starter - enable/disable vehicle ignition from anywhere.
  • Fastest Speed - reports top speed of the vehicle for the day.
  • History Review - provides location and report data for review.









Originally posted on Automotive Fleet