REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. --- GreenRoad Technologies Inc., a leader in driver safety technologies, is attracting growing interest from a customer segment outside of the business sector --- parents with teenage drivers.

More parents are turning to the company's Safety Center solution to monitor the driving of their sons and daughters.

Recently, the BBC featured a news segment on the benefits of the GreenRoad Safety Center for this application. Click here to view segment.

GreenRoad Safety Center combines in-vehicle driver coaching with integrated Web reporting for an advanced approach that rates driving skills without invading the driver’s privacy or tracking location. Safety Center uses a sensor in the car to collect information about driving skills. The sensor detects 120 different driver maneuvers in five categories: speed, braking, acceleration, lane handling and turning.

GreenRoad’s research and development team spent five years developing algorithms that analyze the raw motion data and convert it into meaningful information about driver behavior and patterns. These results were then compared to driver safety statistics and found to be accurate in predicting high risk drivers.

Safety Center continually sends data from the car to a Web server. Every minute the vehicle is on the road is instantly analyzed, not just exceptional events, giving a holistic view of the driving experience.

Through extensive testing, GreenRoad has developed a methodology to communicate feedback effectively to drivers using light signals on the dashboard, and optional SMS and e-mail messages which can be customized according to driver preferences.

Drivers, fleet managers, parents and insurance companies can also use Safety Center’s suite of Web-based driver performance management tools to view high-level reports on driving performance as well as exception-based reporting. Drivers can see which areas they need to improve, and fleet managers, parents and insurance companies can immediately pinpoint high-risk drivers and target specific training measures.

Safety Center is an easy-to-install solution and is customizable for individual fleet policies. It automatically generates reports and sends feedback to drivers, making it scalable to implement in the largest fleets without requiring additional in-house support.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet