NAFA realizes that although it may not be easy to go green, it's necessary in today's eco-conscious world. Continuing with their own environmental initiative, the association has established the Green Fleet Awards. This Award will recognize outstanding achievement to reduce energy consumption, vehicle emissions and increase overall fleet efficiency.

The Green Fleet Awards, the first-ever for NAFA, will honor individuals who have implemented pioneering, innovative and creative programs to help with their company's overall going green initiative. While many companies are introducing eco-friendly programs, fuels and vehicles into their fleets, this new award couldn't have come at a better time.

The award will be presented to a fleet manager and his/her employer who exemplifies the best of going green. Two awards will be presented; one for a car/light truck fleet and one for a truck/equipment fleet. The Green Fleet Awards differ in other NAFA Awards because not only can you nominate yourself, but you can nominate other individuals as well. This year's winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of six judges representing the fleet industry.

The winners will be notified and invited to receive their awards at NAFA's 2008 Institute & Expo in Salt Lake City on May 5, 2008. The winners will be honored and presented their awards in the Green Zone, a section of the Expo that showcases green products and services to attendees.


For more information and entry form, please visit or call NAFA headquarters at (609) 720-0882.