SPARKS, MD - PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, continues to add to its comprehensive suite of fleet management services with its latest innovation: vehicle re-branding/re-painting service.


 The service is designed to help managers in the following situations:

  • If a company should experience a merger or acquisition and needs to transition its vehicles to a consistent identity.
  • The company uses fleet vehicles for advertising and requires re-branding to support a new campaign.
  • The company has undergone an identity change and needs to incorporate the new name/logo on the vehicles.
  • Cosmetic maintenance is needed on fleet vehicles to enhance corporate image.

PHH’s new service provides a managed, centralized process that ensures consistency, accomplishes the needed actions in a short period of time, and requires little or no effort on the part of company managers to handle organization and logistics. 

The re-branding and re-painting are accomplished through PHH’s North American network of qualified suppliers, and in some locations the work can be completed on the client’s site during off-hours, eliminating any impact on productivity. Consolidated billing and internet-based reporting help streamline the process. Additional consulting services are also available, such as working with the company’s marketing group to analyze the returns from mobile marketing.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet