Ford recently agreed to supply Smith Electric Vehicles with a range of Ford F-Series commercial vehicles as the chassis for Smith’s US-specific vehicles. Faraday mark II, a pure electric version of the Ford F650, is aimed at the North American market.

The Faraday mark II is expected to have similar specifications to the Smith Newton pure electric truck that is sold in the UK and Europe.

Newton is available in GVWs from 7,500kg to 12,000kg and has a top speed of 50mph, with a range in excess of 100 miles on one battery charge.

Ampere, a pure electric version of the Ford Transit Connect, is coming to Europe this year and North America in 2009.

Smith also recently unveiled a new version of its Edison pure electric van at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, England, the company reports.

Smith launched an improved Edison with an Iron Phosphate lithium-ion battery pack, along with improvements to the vehicle’s interior console.

Edison, built using the Ford Transit chassis, was launched at last year’s CV Show and went into volume production with a Sodium Nickel Chloride battery pack, which provides a top speed of up to 50mph. and a range on one charge in excess of 100 miles.