Edmunds.com, an online resource for automotive information, recently announces the launch of Predictive TMV (True Market Value) Alerts, available exclusively at Edmunds.com.

These new alerts point consumers to new cars, trucks and SUV models that will likely have a significant price change—either up or down—in the weeks after the alerts are created.

Edmunds.com’s Predictive TMV Alerts are based on a proprietary formula that takes into account, for each vehicle, its:

  • Inventory level history
  • Days-to-turn history
  • Current and historical consideration rates among shoppers on Edmunds.com
  • Prior incentives
  • Past retail unit sales
  • Historical Edmunds.com True Market Value prices
  • Current actual transaction prices
  • Brand pricing and inventive patterns

In addition, scheduled launches of new and revised competitive products and macroeconomic factors that affect the overall market are also taken into account for Edmunds’ Predictive TMV Alerts.

Consumers looking for specific deals on vehicles should review Edmunds.com’s TMV Deals of the Month and Edmunds.com’s Incentives and Rebates database at http://www.edmunds.com/incentives/step1.jsp.