Innovative Funding Services, LLC (IFS) recently announced its launch into the world of employee vehicle fleet financing with one-stop shopping for customers looking to purchase and finance fleet vehicles. From financing to completion of titlework, IFS does it all.

IFS has partnered with national lenders to give its customers exceptional financing options. State of the art technology facilitates a nearly seamless transaction for the customer. However, IFS recognizes that nothing can replace the personal touch.

Establishing a relationship with every customer is of key importance. IFS personnel reach out to develop a rapport and take care of the needs and requests of each customer.

Before a customer’s application is sent to a lending institution, an IFS finance advisor has already spoken to the customer for at least fifteen minutes. This interview process is crucial to gain necessary background information. It also builds trust with the customer, which is of critical importance to IFS.

The most critical piece of completing the sale of the vehicle is quick and accurate completion of titlework for the customer and lender. IFS has an in-house staff with over 30 years of DMV experience.