SCI Distribution has announced the launch of WebFleetLog, a Web-based fuel and fleet management application that allows fleet managers to monitor fuel usage, track vehicle locations, and view dozens of categories of vehicle and driver performance data in real-time.

The all-in-one 24/7 fleet management system incorporates the company’s FleetLog GPS offline/online vehicle tracking system and new 802.11g/WiFi-enabled RF Fuel wireless monitoring system designed to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate use of fuel at the company fuel pump.

In addition, the system can also proactively notify managers when driver performance, engine performance and vehicle fuel efficiency fall away from one or more predetermined parameters.

SCI introduced its wireless fuel control and pump-to-office data reporting in 2002 with the implementation of radio frequency (RF) control technology in its pump control units. 

The company reports that fleet managers typically see a minimum 5 percent reduction in fuel expenditures immediately after installation of the RF Fuel system. SCI’s new 802.11g/WiFi-enabled RF Fuel wireless fuel management system can be easily added to all popular GPS fleet management/tracking systems. Fleet and fuel data gathered and logged by SCI’s fuel and fleet management systems are importable/exportable to spread sheet formats.

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