GreenRoad Technologies, a provider of driver safety technologies, recently announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with SafetyFirst, a company devoted to reducing commercial auto collisions.

SafetyFirst’s core service is their 24-hour safety hotline service which helps spot drivers who may be slipping into bad habits or may otherwise be distracted while driving.

GreenRoad Safety Center is a driver-friendly service that provides real-time, in-vehicle driver feedback and eliminates risky maneuvers made while driving.

Together these flagship safety products will work in tandem to provide drivers and managers with a complete driver safety and risk management service.

Safety Center is an interactive tool that empowers drivers to manage their own safety, and understand how to drive more responsibly.

Safety Center changes the way vehicles are driven and this directly attacks two cost issues facing businesses today: vehicle crashes and fuel economy.


An in-vehicle sensor collects information on over 120 different driving maneuvers. These are constantly analyzed to give drivers feedback about their driving style and the areas that need improvement. As a result, GreenRoad clients reduce the frequency and severity of crashes and significantly improve their fuel economy.

As part of their suite of products, SafetyFirst offers a hotline service, training program and a record keeping database management solution. These services reduce the likelihood of commercial vehicle collisions and the resulting costs associated with those crashes.