Steven Landry, the executive vice president of North American sales for Chrysler, recently released the statement below regarding lease financing.

1) Chrysler's dealers are still able to offer customers lease financing arrangements with other financial institutions, separate from Chrysler Financial.

2) Current vehicle owners, Chrysler employees and retirees with leased vehicles through Chrysler Financial will not be affected by this shift, and the terms of their contract will remain in force. Chrysler Financial will continue to support and service current Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge lease and balloon-contract holders.

3) Should current lessees purchase their existing lease vehicle, or a new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle at the end of their existing lease, Chrysler Financial will waive the disposition fee. Chrysler is also offering a loyalty bonus of up to $750 incremental to most other incentives with the purchase of a new vehicle.

4) Chrysler employee lease/company car programs for current and retired salary Chrysler employees, in which vehicles are obtained through the company, are not affected.