offers these tips to sell your car online.

  1. The more detailed your ad, the better. List major options that your car may have. Point out all the positives as these may justify a higher asking price.
  2. Explain your reasons for selling the car.
  3. Use an eye-catching headline.
  4. Pictures grab attention. Post as many as you can and as big as the site will allow.
  5. Disclose the vehicle’s full history to a potential buyer. You can get this at AutoCheck. Also, be upfront about dings, dents and other problems. Include pictures of these if you can.
  6. Research beforehand the price of your car before posting. Check other ads for similar cars and try The Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds True Market Value & IntelliChoice’s Car Center to see what your car is worth.
  7. A phone number may be the best contact information to leave. Email addresses can be collected by spammers.
  8. Use a website’s internal mailing system or use, a temporary email address, to protect yourself from spammers.
  9. Be wary of online scammers. Dealing locally is the best way to avoid this.
  10. Post to as many websites as you can. Some sites include:,,,, Some may require you to open an account, but posting is free.