At the NAFA Annual Institute and Expo, SOMS Technologies LLC, a provider of advanced, patented engine oil filtration products, is launched its Fleet Adoption Program. This program allows fleet managers to assess and validate the cost savings and environmental benefits of the microGreen extended performance oil filter. Fleet managers receive free, frequent detailed oil analysis from an independent laboratory to directly monitor the product's effectiveness. The program also offers a substantial discount on the initial purchase of microGreen oil filters. This provides fleet managers with detailed information, enabling them to implement the microGreen oil filter with a comprehensive understanding of the performance and savings that can be achieved. 

According to the company, the microGreen oil filter not only cuts maintenance costs by 65 percent, but it also decreases motor oil use in fleets by 70 percent and reduces filter use by 50 percent, helping preserve the environment. Since January 2009, SOMS has seen a 150 percent increase in sales of the filter to fleets. After extensive testing and oil analysis by independent laboratories, fleets such as the Town of Mt. Pleasant, LifeStar Response, the State of New York, Red Oak Transportation, and many other public and private fleets, have successfully taken advantage of the reliability and quality of the microGreen filter. 

"We tailored our Fleet Adoption Program to meet the needs of the most demanding fleet managers," said Miles Flamenbaum, CEO of SOMS Technologies. "By converting their vehicles to our filter, fleets have a real opportunity to make a difference in both costs savings and oil use reduction. We are excited to help fleet managers objectively quantify the savings and environmental benefits of the microGreen filter."  

Designed as two filters in one, the microGreen filter is packaged as a standard spin-on filter and is installed in the same method as traditional oil filters. The secondary microfilter enables the filter to capture contaminant particles down to two microns in size while traditional filters capture particles down to 25-40 microns in size - keeping the oil cleaner, longer and improving the life of the engine. Using the patented oil filter, fleet vehicles can operate up to 30,000 miles without an oil change.