Pricing for the Mercedes Benz 2010 E-class sedan is $4,600 less than the current model, according to the company. 

Currently, the price of the current E350 starts at $54,075; however, the 2010 E350 rear-drive sedan is priced at $49,475. All prices include shipping. 

The 2010 E350, which goes on sale in June, features a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. According to Mercedes, the E350 will also include features that are not available on the current S class. The four-wheel-drive version of the vehicle will cost an additional $2,500, while the E350 coupe, which will replace CLK coupe and convertible models, will start at $48,925. 

Additionally, the 2010 E550, which features a 5.5-liter V-8 engine, will start at $57,175. Similar to the E350, the four-wheel-drive version of the E550 will cost an extra $2,500. The E550 coupe has a base price of $55,525. All coupes are available with only rear-wheel drive. 

The coupes and rear-drive sedans will begin to roll out in late June. In September, Mercedes will roll out the four-wheel-drive sedan, and in November, the E63 AMG high-performance model sedan will go on sale.