According to the latest OPENLANE Price Index, auction prices show year-over-year improvements in all vehicle segments except for cars in April. 

The report showed that although car values climbed in March, the segment was down 4 percentage points from April 2008. 

While minivans were even in March, the segment improved 7 percentage points from last year. Additionally, SUV pricing increased 3 percent from March and was up two points from April 2008. 

According to OPENLANE, the truck segment was the only one to show a month-over-month gain as truck values gained 8 percentage points compared to last year. However, the segment experienced a decrease from March. 

Dealer interest in the truck segment improved 8 percent from last March; however, it remained somewhat below 2008's levels. Interest in cars remained steady in April, but was down 4 percent year-over-year. 

While minivans dipped two points from March, dealer interest improved five points from April 2008. 

Lastly, dealer interest in SUVs increased 7 percent from 2008 and was off one point from April.