read a recent blog post from an automotive Web site warning consumers to be on the look-out for scams surrounding the new Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS). The CARS program is the cash voucher system that was recently debated in the House and Senate and referred to as the "Cash for Clunkers" bill. The official Federal Web site for the CARS program is posted a warning urging consumers not to give out their social security numbers or other sensitive information to anyone calling or e-mailing them to register for the CARS program or the Cash for Clunkers program.  

Consumers can qualify their clunkers on the Web site. Once they qualify they will go to a local new car dealer to make a new car purchase. It's that simple. You do not need to get a voucher before you go to the car dealer.  

To get updated answers on the bill please visit  

The cash for clunkers facts Web site's purpose has been to inform consumers about the progress and provisions in the Cash for Clunkers bill. The Web site has helped thousands of consumers get information on this new legislation. Thousands of consumers have been posted on the progress of the bill as it passed the House and Senate votes. The site has been promoting a bill that will help car dealers and consumers.  

To that degree, the site has created the first opt-in e-mail alert system for consumers to get status reports on the votes in the House and Senate and the eventual signing of the bill.  

The Web site directs consumers to the Federal Web site to get accurate information on the program. We are very proud of the service we are providing consumers and dealers since understanding the progress of this bill has been challenging. We have responded to hundreds of e-mails and phone calls about the bill.