Honda Motor Co. plans to offer a hybrid version of the Fit car next year and the hybrid CR-Z sports coupe in February. One analyst said Honda's move to apply the hybrid system to smaller vehicles will help boost sales.

The new vehicles will give Honda four hybrids in its lineup.

Honda is also developing a new hybrid system to be installed in mid- to large-size vehicles. Hybrid versions of all of its models should be available within 20 years, said Honda Chief Executive Officer Takanobu Ito.

Honda is competing in the hybrid market with Toyota, which plans to introduce four new gasoline-electric hybrid models in Japan and three overseas by the end of March. It also has plans for a low-cost hybrid, smaller and cheaper than the Prius. 

Additionally, Toyota plans to offer hybrid versions of all its car models by 2020. Toyota introduced its third-generation Prius in May, overtaking Honda's hybrid Insight as the best-selling gasoline-electric car in Japan.

Ito said Honda is looking to offer an affordable, fuel-efficient sports car in the future.