The Green Fleet Conference entire program is now available online. The entire conference is a mix of top-notch education with extensive networking to help public and commercial fleet managers find the money to build a sustainable, profitable fleet in these crucial times!

View a small sample of the seminars, roundtables and training sessions below and then visit the website to see the entire agenda.

  • Discover how to reduce fleet emissions and improve your fleet's environmental performance without increasing costs. Save up to $297,000 on your annual fleet management costs. That's $1,116 per vehicle!*
  • How to Make Your Green Program Pay for Itself.
  • Green is Green: Remaking Business in the Age of Sustainability - Keynote Session
  • Innovative Solutions on How to Save Money & Green Your Fleet.
  • Environmental Defense Fund Fleet Survey Presentation.
  • The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Environmental Regulations.

Don't waste your time on generic conferences; get specific solutions to your most troubling green questions. Attend the Green Fleet Conference, Oct. 19-20, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

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