It could be a revolution in location-based service. A new self-learning software product enables any basic GSM (global system for mobile communications) or CDMA (code division multiple access) cell phone to provide precise locational data without using GPS or Wi-Fi, according to BusinessWeek.

The patent-pending technology, called GloPos, offers positioning to within 1 to 40 meters, including indoor and underground locations.

GloPos' location algorithm sends small amounts of data-as little as 100Kb-from a standard phone to a server that returns a precise location within milliseconds.

Kevin Tofel wrote in the BusinessWeek article that with near-global handset support, and no additional radios required, GloPos "could effectively commoditize location."

Mikael Vainio and Alexander Le Bell, who have worked with Nokia and Ericsson, founded GloPos in March of this year by spinning it off from 4TS, a Finland-based company that offers location and sensor technologies for the logistics and shipping industries.

Details of GloPos' location solution won't be live on its Web site until the week of Sept. 21.