Fleet managers are accustomed to being "jacks of all trades," filling their job description with such roles as human resources, personnel, and finance. Technology expert is the latest addition to the resume as technological advancements have dramatically changed fleet management in recent years. Instead of fearing technology, fleet managers should embrace the changes; if utilized properly, technology can make fleet management easier and more time and cost-efficient.

NAFA's Information Technology Guide, now available, provides fleet managers with the tools they need to function in a data-rich, information-poor work environment by better using technology tools they most likely already have at their disposal.

"With technology becoming increasingly more important in fleet management, NAFA's Information Technology Guide is a rare gem of information for fleet managers," noted project leader Doug Weichman, CAFM, director, Fleet Management, Palm Beach County, Fla. "It provides an excellent overview of the technology that we all have to interface with every day."

With more than 130 pages of information, the new guide is user-friendly, easy to read, and breaks down technology terminology into the most basic of terms. Detailed chapters explore all aspects of technology including: information infrastructure; computer software; researching the Internet; telematics; security, backup, and recovery; and ergonomic computing.

NAFA's Information Technology Guide is intended for every fleet manager, regardless of whether they work for a large corporation, government entity, utility, university, or any other fleet sector. The Guide is currently available as an e-download ($29 for NAFA Members, $43 for Non-Members). In late October, the guide will also be made available on CD ($49 for NAFA Members, $82 for Non-Members) or as a soft-cover, spiral-bound book ($79 for NAFA Members, $115 for Non-Members).