After a school bus driver was allowed to drive students to school only hours after he was cited for operating while intoxicated (OWI), the Lafayette Parish School Board in Louisiana voted to require bus drivers to report operating while intoxicated arrests to their supervisor before returning to work, according to the Independent Weekly.

Parents at the school are furious that a bus driver was allowed back at work the next day after his arrest. To make matters worse, the Lafayette Parish transportation director knew about the arrest and let Kenny Joseph Mire drive anyway.

But there's more. In 2002, Mire was given a five-month suspended sentence on a simple battery/domestic violence charge. The same year, he also pled no contest to an amended charge of attempted felony theft.

More surprising is that the Lafayette Parish School Board has operated for decades without a policy requiring drivers who are arrested to notify the school system before returning to work, before driving or interacting with children.

This Mire incident caused state Rep. Rickey Hardy to plan to file a bill to eliminate tenure for all bus drivers hired after July 1, 2010; all existing bus drivers would be grandfathered.