BUFFALO GROVE, IL - Seeking a smaller overall vehicle package, with the capacity and payload necessary to transport all sizes and scope of greenery, Illinois-based Ambius recently bought a fleet of 70 Ford Transit Connect vans.

A provider of plants, replica foliage and flowers for commercial environments, Ambius has used a variety of transportation solutions to facilitate U.S. operations, specializing in workplace interior landscaping and seasonal décor. Until now, employees either used their own transportation, repurposed minivans, or company-supplied full-size vans.

Ambius U.S. operations is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Ill., and employs 1,400 people in 40 locations around the country. Fleet Manager Alicia Hammond said she fulfilled several business objectives with the Ford Transit Connect compact vans.

Intrigued by the Transit Connect's compact overall dimensions, combining fuel efficiency with generous cargo space and payload capacity, Hammond made an initial investment in 70 vehicles.

In addition to improving fleet fuel economy and reducing operating expenses, Hammond said Ambius needed an easy-to-maneuver, versatile vehicle for its drivers, many of whom don't have a lot of commercial vehicle experience.

Also high on her list of objectives - a vehicle that delivers on the company's "green" agenda and is in keeping with the Ambius sustainability goals.

Serving as a "billboard on wheels", the Transit Connect vans offered Hammond an opportunity to display Ambius branding, increasing awareness and improving corporate image.

A number of small businesses have also invested in the Transit Connect, including a Michigan-based florist company.

Ford recently announced it is collaborating with Azure Dynamics to produce a pure battery electric model for the U.S. and Canadian markets by 2010.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet