inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. (, a developer and manufacturer of tiwi-branded solutions to improve driving safety, announced its tiwi driving safety system is in full production for light commercial fleets as well as heavy duty and special purpose applications. With tiwi, companies get the only comprehensive system that changes driving behavior in real time to improve safety and fleet efficiency.

tiwi provides a unique combination of in-vehicle driver alerts, vehicle location and diagnostics, and fleet management features that detail fleet performance and trends. A small device installed in the vehicle provides drivers with real-time verbal alerts to let them know when they are involved in unsafe behavior such as speeding, aggressive driving and seatbelt violations. Drivers are also given a grace period to correct certain behaviors before they are recorded and reported to management.

"Drivers of fleet vehicles spend much of their workday on the road, creating a high risk for accidents," said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc. "tiwi helps reduce this risk by changing driver behavior in real time while simultaneously improving fleet productivity. With tiwi, fleet drivers practice safer behavior and fleet managers see where their drivers are, how they have been driving and where improvements can be made."

Supervisors can receive real-time alerts via phone call, text message or email regarding certain infractions or incidents such as an accident. A variety of reports are available through a Web portal to notify management regarding driver performance, vehicle positioning and trends. The driving safety alerts and fleet manager portal combine to prevent accidents, reduce costs due to fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance, improve driver productivity and maintain a positive company image.

Primary features of the tiwi solution include:

  • Industry's only in-vehicle, verbal mentoring in real time for driving behaviors such as speeding, seat belt usage, sharp turns, hard stopping and rapid acceleration
  • Real-time and historical Web-based reports on vehicle location, usage and statistics such as MPG and idle time for instant feedback and trend analysis
  • Real-time incident notification via mobile device
  • Speed By StreetTM, which compares vehicle speed to a proprietary database of posted speed limits on individual roads
  • Smart ZonesTM for advanced geo-fencing
  • Vehicle bus integration

The tiwi solution is the easiest solution on the market to implement and manage, and it does not require any integration with other IT systems. The device is simply mounted in the vehicle and connected to the vehicle bus system. Once connected and activated, data from the vehicle is available through a Web-based portal.

Follmer added, "We have invested a lot of time and money to create the only truly effective driver safety and fleet management solution for all classes of commercial vehicles. After spending the last six months on our manufacturing and testing process, we are now making this technology broadly available to fleets of all sizes."

tiwi solutions have successfully been used in the oil and gas, mining and other heavy industries for several years, reducing accidents by more than 80 percent annually and saving companies millions of dollars and realizing a payback on investment often in less than one year. It has also been used by NASCAR for eight years to improve driver, car and track safety. For more information about tiwi, please call 801-886-2255 or visit