Volvo reports that its heavy-duty D11 and D13 diesel engines received certification for EPA's 2010 emissions regulations. All Volvo diesel engines are built in Hagerstown, Maryland, and use catalytic reduction technology to reduce particulates and nitrogen oxides.

All heavy-duty diesel truck engines produced after Jan. 1, 2010 must meet the new standards.

The certification is also valid for Volvo subsidiary Mack Truck's MP7 and MP8 engines. Volvo and Mack say they are the first truck manufacturers with heavy-duty diesel engines holding 2010 CARB and EPA certifications.

Volvo and Mack use a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to bring nitrogen oxide emissions down to EPA 2010 levels. Mack tested SCR in North America customer fleets for more than two years, accumulating 5 million miles of field testing.

Volvo says it is already building EPA-certified 2010 trucks and is on track for large-scale production next year.