When Infiniti introduced the 2011 M series at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show in December, the company also introduced an accelerator pedal that aids drivers in saving fuel, reports Automotive News.

The smart pedal, known as Eco Pedal, provides driver feedback to encourage eco-driving behavior. Moreover, the pedal is able to talk back to drivers, courtesy of Japanese supplier Mikuni Corp.

The accelerator pedal mixes variable resistance to pedal pressure into the software that control's the vehicle's fuel management system. By doing this, the auto company can program the accelerator to require greater pressure if the driver uses more fuel than the ideal minimum in any condition.

While the feature can be turned off, it's at the driver's advantage to utilize the feature, as the vehicle itself knows how much fuel it is consuming, as opposed to the driver's knowledge.

European parts maker Continental has created a similar product, which is said to offer 5 to 10 percent lower fuel consumption and a similar reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Continental said the product will likely arrive in a 2012 or 2013 model.