WALLINGFORD, CT - Edible Arrangements has started replacing its older, larger cargo vans with Transit Connect models through the company's fleet program. 

The owners of Edible Arrangements, which specializes in creating bouquets of fresh fruit designed to look like flowers, said the size and fuel efficiency of the Transit Connect is ideal for making deliveries throughout the course of the day and frequent trips back and forth to the store, averaging a minimum of 200 miles daily. So far, Edible Arrangements has purchased 20 Transit Connects, and plans to buy 15 to 20 more vehicles each month as more and more franchisees replace their older delivery vans. Edible Arrangements' fleet currently operates 1,300 vehicles throughout the country.

"The biggest 'green' imprint we can make as a company is to save fuel and reduce emissions with our delivery vehicles. The Transit Connect is not only more fuel-efficient, but it is easier to drive than larger cargo vans and it is much more stylish," said Kamran Farid, chief operating officer, Edible Arrangements.

Edible Arrangements customized the Transit Connect with shelving and refrigerated the cargo area. The company worked closely with Ford and ThermoKing to develop an electric-driven refrigeration system - powered from the vehicle alternator instead of the engine - that requires less horsepower and consumes less fuel.

Headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., Edible Arrangements has more than 940 locations operating or opening soon worldwide.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet