The state of California has sold off or otherwise disposed of the equivalent of 3,300 cars and trucks from its fleet, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office said Wednesday, according to the Central Valley Business Times.

Under orders from Schwarzenegger, state officials are auctioning 400 vehicles that have been removed from department fleets. The governor's office says that the state has avoided $63.9 million in vehicle acquisition, maintenance, insurance and fuel expenditures by eliminating more than 18 percent of the state's fleet and slashing vehicle purchases by 67 percent in 2009, the governor's office says.

Schwarzenegger this past July directed administration officials to cut vehicle fleets by 15 percent and directed departments to eliminate 20 percent of their permits for state employees that regularly take state vehicles home. He also ordered a halt to the purchasing of all non-emergency vehicle purchases.

To date, more than 2500 vehicles have been sold, generating $4.6 million in revenue. Further, nearly 1900 permits have been revoked, which could potentially save the state $1.3 million annually. The Department of General Services (DGS) is in the process of selling these vehicles through monthly live and online auctions that will generate revenue for the state.

Vehicles sold at auction range from late model 1970s to early 2000 vans, pickups, midsize and small cars. Chevy Cavaliers, and bi-fuel Cavaliers, Ford trucks, Ford Focuses, Honda Civics and Chevy Astro Vans are among the many models available at auction.

Vehicles that were exempt from the executive order included California Highway Patrol cars, fire trucks, large vehicles used to clear roads in inclement weather, ambulances and other vehicles critical to life and safety state services.