Software provider ZoomSafer released FleetSafer, a program designed to help employers enforce cell phone usage policies to reduce crashes, ensure compliance with state laws and minimize liability. 

FleetSafer combines ZoomSafer's safe-driving software with an enterprise-class Web-based management and reporting portal. FleetSafer encourages employees to use their cell phones in a safe, legal and responsible manner while on the job but away from the office. 

The FleetSafer software program allows corporations to: 

  • Create and administer policies for individuals, groups or the whole company
  • Easily deploy software to employee phones via Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • View and manage users, policies and activity in one place
  • Generate usage and activity reports and monitor policy compliance

"Today's businesses are quickly becoming aware of the rapidly increasing risks associated with distracted driving, and many are enacting policies that limit, or even prohibit, employee use of cell phones while driving," said Kristen Neller Verderame, CEO of Pondera International and former general counsel for a global Fortune 100 company. "Implementing a policy is a great first step, but use of a product like this is necessary to effectively minimize potential employer liability in these situations." 

"The painful and expensive truth is that people are increasingly texting and e-mailing while driving, which leads to crashes, and inevitably, to plaintiff's lawsuits against employers," said Matt Howard, CEO of ZoomSafer. "FleetSafer provides enterprises with a simple and scalable tool to ensure employees comply with distracted driving policies and laws, which reduces crashes, minimizes risks and saves money." 

ZoomSafer is offering a free Webinar titled, "Distracted Driving: Understanding Your Corporate Risk and What to Do About It," where a panel of technology and legal experts will discuss the trends and issues associated with distracted driving. The Webinar, which is scheduled for June 15 at 1 p.m. EDT, will also feature a live demonstration of FleetSafer. To register, visit

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