Pacific Pride Services LLC, a subsidiary of Wright Express Corporation, has deployed a location-based iPhone application - powered by MobSpree - to guide fleet drivers to the fueling sites that best meet their needs.

Pacific Pride's free mobile phone app uses drivers' current locations to provide real-time search results for fuel types, services, and even special promotions from nearby Pacific Pride marketers.

The solution also presents a quick and cost-effective way for petroleum marketers to create and maintain a branded presence within the Pacific Pride mobile application program to promote services and special offers to drivers.

"We recognized the opportunity to leverage the burgeoning number of fleet drivers who use location-aware smartphones and found a way to develop revolutionary, industry-leading technology for Pacific Pride's independent marketers and their fleet cardholders," said Gregory D. Iverson, vice president operations and administration at Pacific Pride.

"MobSpree's mobile app platform transforms our expertise into a solution that serves all of our stakeholders," Iverson continued. "Our fleet drivers can find Pacific Pride locations quickly and safely; our franchises can deliver new customized solutions to their customers; and most importantly, we can add new value to our relationships by sponsoring the overall platform."

The new application is available from the Apple iPhone App Store store, and will soon be available for other leading smartphones as well, company officials said.

All fuel providers in the network will receive a basic directory listing. As an option, marketers can upgrade their presence in the new application to publish promotions and monitor their effectiveness through analytical tools and reports.