The Ford F-150 took the top spot in an all-new full-size pickup comparison test, 'First to Worst: Ranks Five Full-Size Pickups,' by the editors of Kelley Blue Book

The editors lauded the F-150 not only because it was outstanding in all areas, but because it offered a well-rounded, thoroughly developed package that does everything to a high standard, saying "If you can't find something here to suit your fancy, you need to look again." 

In addition to winning high marks in driving dynamics due to its enhanced level of ride and handling, the editors praised the F-150 for both its exterior and interior styling, noting that it strikes "a nice blend of the style and function that should define a pickup."  The F-150 also scored well because it is the only pickup in the segment to offer "roll stability control" as standard, coupled with its AdvanceTrac electronic stability control.

In's test, editors took a look at five popular full-size pickups, excluding the various heavy-duty or super-duty models, and put them through a comprehensive comparison test and ultimately ranked them from 'first to worst.'

The market offers five full-size pickups - Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Ram 1500 (formerly Dodge, but now known as "just Ram") and Toyota Tundra -all of which were tested by the editorial team. All are available in a variety of cab configurations and cargo-bed lengths, engine selections and two or four-wheel drive. All also offer ranges of trim levels and features and can be optioned up to very luxurious accommodations.

"After the editorial team's rigorous testing, the Ford F-150 emerged as the clear winner in this comparison, proving it undoubtedly deserves top status among full-size pickups," said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for's editorial team drove all five pickups and ranked them (on a scale of 0-10) the likelihood of recommending each truck to a friend. Vehicles were also tested on the following categories: exterior, interior, driving dynamics, safety (both active and passive safety), crash ratings, and value (examining both New Car Blue Book Values and projected future resale values). 

In addition, for each of the full-size pickups, the editors identified strengths, shortcomings, along with detailed paragraphs about their experiences in each vehicle.  When all the numbers were tabulated the rankings from the objective, categorical scoring matched the rankings from the subjective ratings.

To see the full rankings of the five pickups from 'first to worst' along with all of the aforementioned scores and details from the expert editors of Kelley Blue Book's, visit the 'First to Worst: Ranks Five Full-Size Pickups' story in's Latest News section at