Doug Quick was honored as Ruan Transport Corporation's 2009 Driver of the Year after being selected from a pool of more than 4,100 professional drivers.

Quick, who operates out of Ruan's Tampa, Fla., terminal, has been with Ruan for 14 years and has served as a professional truck driver for 28 years.

Quick said he was surprised and humbled to be nominated for the recognition.

"Remembering to make safety first and never hurry is my philosophy," Quick said. "It's important to realize that others rely on you to be a driving professional."

Ruan, a 78-year-old dedicated contract carriage and logistics company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, began the search for its Driver of the Year when 117 drivers from Ruan's 162 terminals were named regional finalists based on length of service, safety and driving records and exceptional customer service.

"Sometimes it's hard to quantify the impact of a single individual or driver on the performance of an operation," said Quick's terminal manager, Byron McClain. "However, I would be remiss if I failed to point out the leadership, guidance and training Doug provides to both new drivers and veterans alike."

Each regional winner was awarded a trophy at a June 30 ceremony. Quick, who is a dedicated driver for Ruan client Johnson Controls Inc., was honored with a trophy, $5,000 and the 2009 Driver of the Year title.

"In this age of high driver turnover, it is imperative that we protect, nurture and recognize our most vital asset: our professional truck drivers," Ruan's Chairman and CEO John Ruan III said, even though Ruan's driver turnover rate is one fifth the industry average. "I believe there is no better time to celebrate our best, most accomplished professional drivers than on the anniversary of our company's founding, when Ruan was the promising business of one determined, hard-working driver."