GE Capital Fleet Services will host a safety management Webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 17, to examine best practices in safety management and how those measures can reduce fleet costs. 

The online Webinar, part of GE's "Spotlight Series," will feature Vincent Brigidi, director of commercial operations at CEI Group; Marilyn Mansell, GE client and fleet manager; and Eric Storm, marketing product manager for GE Capital Fleet Services. 

Webinar topics will include corporate liability and risk, negligent entrustment, distracted driving and accident prevention, which can affect fleet policies and budgets. Speakers will discuss how they have overcome challenges to implement safety management programs and how those measures have delivered significant cost reductions and safer driver records. 

In addition, speakers will offer safety prevention tips and explain how they can be incorporated within risk management solutions. 

Participants will be able to interact directly with speakers by submitting questions during the Webinar. For more information, e-mail GE Capital Fleet Services at