The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) will launch "Drive Safely Work Week 2010," an annual workplace safety campaign to remind employees about safe-driving practices.

The theme for this year's campaign, which will be from Oct. 4-8, is "Focus... Safe Driving Is Serious Business." The campaign will focus on the dangers of distracted driving, particularly with the use of cell phones and texting.

As part of the campaign, NETS is offering the 2010 Drive Safely Work Week tool kit, which can be downloaded for free until Sept. 20 at After that, the kit will be available for $19.95.

The Web-based tool kit will provide meaningful activities to help prepare an organization for the launch of a new cell phone policy, reinforce an existing policy, build awareness on the issues related to distracted driving and help develop strategies to minimize the danger. The kit will include fact/tip sheets on the campaign issues, interactive quizzes and tools, daily activities and communications messages and downloadable posters.

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