Ford announces the 2011 MY National Fleet Incentives for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln brands, available for the entire 2011 Model Year, for commercial fleet customers. 

In addition to the National Fleet Incentives, Ford introduces the all-new Commercial Fleet Advantage and Fleet Equalization Programs. Ford also offers Complementary Value Programs such as the 2011 MY E-Series Van Commercial Account Program.

Commercial Fleet Advantage & Fleet Equalization Programs

The Commercial Fleet Advantage Program rewards fleet customers with higher incentives the more vehicles they purchase. Click here for incentives.

Ford will match customer cash and bonus cash offerings offered to retail customers via the Fleet Equalization Program. These customer cash incentives are incremental to the National Fleet incentives.

Consult a local Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealer for current incentive offerings by vehicle line and complete eligibility requirements.

2011 MY E-Series Van Commercial Account Program

The Commercial Connection returns this year with the same benefits as in 2010, including the ability to order the No-Charge Power Group AND one of the Rack & Bins options.

At the time of ordering, eligible Fleet orders with a 56M incentive code can select the No-Charge Power group as well as one of the three Racks and Bins packages listed below at no additional charge.

Out-of-stock purchases do not qualify.

_ No-Charge Power Group (option codes 90F + 62P)


- Power Windows

- Power Door Locks

- Power Mirror * (54Q power aero-type side mirror)

- Remote Keyless Entry with Panic Alarm

*Note: Package requires Rear Door Glass (173, 178, 179, 17S or 17W) or Telescopic

Trailer Tow Mirrors (54E).

_ No-Charge Racks and Bins Packages:

1. Masterack Steel Racks and Bins Package (option code 96G).

2. Quiet Flex IV TM Composite Racks and Bins Package (option code 96Q).

3. EconoCargo Package (option code 96B).

Customers eligible for National Fleet Incentives (56M) may select one of the three Racks and Bins packages above at time of order or may be eligible for the 2011 model-year Commercial Truck Commercial Connection Upfit Incentive after delivery. Customers are not eligible for both.

See a dealer for details on the 2011 model-year Ford Truck Commercial Connection Upfit Incentive.

Click here for the full commercial fleet incentive program 2011 model year announcement.

Visit for additional information, product information and to enroll for a Fleet Identification Number (FIN) online.

Or contact the Fleet Customer Information Center (FCIC) at 1-800-34-FLEET, pick "2". The FCIC provides assistance on vehicle ordering, scheduling, transportation status, fleet programs and incentive information, government bid processes, product specifications and more.