A fleet manager in the United Kingdom has recommended that his own job be eliminated so his company can outsource its entire fleet operations, according to Fleet News.

The decision of Michelin in the United Kingdom to outsource its fleet operations means the company will not employ an in-house fleet manager. John Stack, who currently controls Michelin's fleet, says that he was behind the move to outsource the company's fleet operations.

Stack, 60, is now a part-time consultant helping transfer Michelin's 340-vehicle fleet operation to a company called FSG. Stack plans to finish in November.

The move conforms with Michelin's policy to outsource its non-core business and leave the expertise to others.

Stack said fleet has always been under-resourced at the company. He added that "nothing acrimonious" was involved in the decision, saying the move was the sensible thing to do at this time. The fleet department's aging IT equipment was just one reason that outsourcing seemed like the right thing to do, he said.