WASHINGTON, D.C. - A Carnegie Mellon University study called “Comparing Resale Prices and Total Cost of Ownership for Gasoline, Hybrid and Diesel Passenger Cars and Trucks” finds that diesel-engine vehicles are a better value than gasoline-engine vehicles due to lower operating costs and higher resale values over time. Reported in Biodiesel News, the study was released at the Washington Auto Show and found that diesel provides better fuel efficiency and up to a 30-percent higher residual value and 30-percent better fuel economy than traditional port-fuel injection gas-powered vehicles.

The study also found that Volkswagen clean diesel technology and the Toyota Prius retain a higher percentage of their initial purchase price than conventional gasoline vehicles, that diesel engines retain a higher percentage of their purchase price than gasoline options, and that as cabin size increases, diesel vehicles retain a greater percentage of their purchase price when compared to similar gasoline-powered vehicles.

The study was conducted by the university’s Tepper School of Business and was underwritten by Bosch.